About us

Headquartered in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, Unisun Energy Holding BV is a leading pan-European developer, EPC and O&M service provider of clean and sustainable energy solutions. By applying rigorous quality control, technical design expertise and proven project management and procurement capabilities, Unisun Energy Europe consistently delivers successful turn-key services to its customers. Unisun Energy Europe helps customers realise their sustainability goals. With the expertise of its international team of industry specialists, coupled with deep local markets and geographical knowledge, Unisun Energy Europe is a strong partner and works as an integrated team with clients to make it happen together.

Mission & Vision

Drive, professionalism and a personal approach are among the core values at Unisun Energy Europe, with sustainability and corporate social responsibility as the heart of the organisation. We believe in the power of collaboration and that is what drives us every day. Our organisation offers strong industry knowledge, service and experience. With a team that has collectively completed and managed over 1 GW of energy projects in their careers to date, we strive to make the world of solar energy more accessible to companies with sustainable ambitions. A hands on mentality combined with a wealth of technical expertise, proven process management qualities and track record characterises differentiates Unisun Energy Europe.


Development & Advisory

A leading own developer of solar PV projects in the Netherlands, Poland, Hungary and other European countries with over 250 MW’s of projects currently at various stages of mid to late development. Our specialist teams also provide project acquisition advisory services to ensure cost-effective development and maximising project returns over the long term.

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Provide full turn-key service for the Engineering, Procurement and Construction phase of both own and client projects. From initial consultation to first output energy, and further into the long-term maintenance, Unisun Europe is present every step of the way. Specialist teams engage in each stage of the construction process working seamlessly with clients to deliver outstanding results.

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Professional Operation and Maintenance (O&M) services are the critical success factor for long term profitability and longevity of solar power plants. Through its wholly owned subsidiary Uper Energy Europe Unisun provides services both at head contractor level for solar projects and at subcontractor level as required. Unisun Energy Europe can also provide full asset management services to protect revenues and profits for owners.

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Unisun Energy Holding BV is a leading developer, EPC and O+M provider of solar PV parks. It’s first solar park was Zonnepark Rilland, built in Rilland, in the province of Zeeland which was the first and largest bifacial solar park built in Europe with an installed power of 11.8 MWp. The Company is also currently active in various locations across the Netherlands, such as Landgraaf, Erp and Zevenbergen. In addition Unisun Energy Europe is busy planning the construction of a one of a kind type solar PV park next to Rotterdam Airport’s runway which will have an installed capacity of over 14 MWp once operational. The Company provides O&M services through its wholly owned subsidiary Uper Energy Europe B.V.


In collaboration with Maatschap Hopmans, Unisun Energy Europe has realized Zonnepark Rilland which officially began operations in 2019. The solar park in the Kreekrakpolder, located in Rilland (municipality of Reimerswaal), consists of over 39,000 solar panels with a capacity of 11.8 MWp. The solar park supplies enough renewable electricity to power over 3,000 households every year. Due to the unique technology of the N-type bifacial solar panels which generate energy on both sides, the panels are more efficient than traditional solar panels. The solar park therefore makes an important contribution to the sustainability ambition of the municipality of Reimerswaal. The project benefits from an SDE+ subsidy. Uper Energy Europe is contracted to provide the full suite of O&M services to the park for 15 years from its initial operation date.


Unisun Energy Europe was commissioned by Kraanmeerstroom to make the roofs of plant nursery van der Elzen in Erp more sustainable. A solar energy installation of over 2 MWp was installed by Unisun Energy Europe on the roofs of the nursery. Engineering agency Sweco from Eindhoven was commissioned by Kraanmeerstroom to carry out the project management. Uper Energy Europe is contracted to provide the full suite of O&M services to Zonnedak Kraanmeerstroom for 15 years from its initial operation date.


Unisun Energy Europe is developing a solar park in collaboration with Rotterdam The Hague Airport (RTHA) and the municipality of Rotterdam. The solar park will be realized along the runway and consists of approximately 31,000 solar panels with a total installed capacity of over 14 MWp. The solar park contributes to the airport’s vision of becoming a ‘Next Generation airport’, making energy supply more sustainable without putting further pressure on the environment and the airport surroundings. With the realization of this solar park, RTHA and the surrounding area will be fully supplied with emission-free electricity. The very strict requirements set in the EASA and FAA regulations, among others, make this project uniquely one of a kind. The development will take place on the ‘airside’ of an operational airport, which entails extensive security measures. Close collaboration and coordination with airport operations and many other stakeholders is therefore essential. The solar park will be monitored and maintained for the duration of 15 years after completion by Uper Energy Europe.


Bodemzorg Limburg (Nazorg Limburg B.V.) has decided to develop, realize and exploit a solar park at the former landfill site Ubach in Worms, Landgraaf. The solar park on Europaweg Noord, located in the municipality of Landgraaf, consists of over 29,000 solar panels with a capacity of 12 MWp. It will supply enough green energy for more than 2,900 households every year. The project is part of Bodemzorg Limburg’s initiative to contribute to the ambition of Stadsregio Parkstad Limburg to be an energy neutral region by 2040. This project was awarded to Unisun in July 2020. The work consists of the design, purchase, construction and commissioning of this solar park. The solar park will be monitored and maintained for the duration of 15 years after completion by Unisun’s sister company Uper Energy Europe. The solar park will be monitored and maintained for the duration of 15 years after completion by Uper Energy Europe.