PWCL Romania was founded in 2013 as a subsidiary of Power Clouds. PWCL Romania provides energy directly to end user energy consumers in the residential and business community. PWCL Romania developed, owns and operates 2 x Solar PV Parks in Nucet & Dambovita with a total installed power capacity of 6.1MW. PWCL Romania is responsible for the management and operation of the parks ensuring the highest level of service is provided to the end user. These parks are connected directly to the national electricity grid in Romania.

PWCL Romania provides competitive and sustainable offers combined with a quality service. You can download further information and learn more about PWCL Romania by heading to the website –



Current Status

6.1MW in Operation

Business Model

Park Development

Project: Nucet

Location: District of Dambovita, West of Romania

Connection Date: April 2015

Installed Power: 2500Kwp

Annual Production (2017): 3000Mwh

Panels: 10,196 PV

Project: Scornicesti

Location: Region of Muntenia, South of Romania

Connection Date: April 2014

Installed Power: 3600Kwp

Annual Production (2017): 4520Mwh

Panels: 15,069 PV