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The solar park at Rotterdam The Hague Airport, realized by Unisun Energy BV, is one of the largest solar parks in the southwest of the Netherlands. With an area of ​​7.7 hectares and on which more than 37,000 solar panels have been placed, the solar park is located parallel to the airport’s runway. The solar park generates approximately 14 gigawatt hours of solar power annually. This is comparable to the annual energy consumption of about 5,100 households.

For Rotterdam The Hague Airport, the solar park will soon generate 3 times more electricity than it consumes annually. As a result, the airport is fully supplied with locally generated green energy in one fell swoop and contributes to achieving Rotterdam’s sustainability objectives.

Watch the video in which André Kempenaars talks about the collaboration between Unisun Energy BV, Wattkraft Solar Benelux and Huawei FusionSolar and the choices made during this project.