In-depth industry knowledge and a wide network of suppliers and financiers make Unisun Energy Europe a strong partner in Project Development, EPC and O&M services. Our strategy is to create long-term relationships with clients looking for support in developing their projects at all stages. We advise clients from mid-stage development up to the operational stage and beyond.


Based on years of project work, our specialist teams will advise how best to approach any new project in the most efficient and cost-effective way, maximising the lifetime returns of projects.

We add value right from the start of the project through successful cooperation with municipalities, landlords, authorities, financial institutions and local service providers.

  • Market research
  • Build local relationships
  • Visit ground/roof sites
  • Yield analysis
  • Risk Analysis
  • Legal due diligence
  • SPV set up
  • License application

Teams specialised in each stage of the process work together to deliver an outstanding result. First step is a thorough analysis of the proposed site, from both legal and financial perspective. Highly experienced engineers then develop detailed plans for construction.

Unisun Energy Europe provides advanced engineering services via in-house teams. We use Tier 1 components by the world´s most renowned panel, inverter and other equipment suppliers that have each been tried and tested for maximum life span, ensuring smooth long-term operation, longevity, and maximum yield of projects.

With rigorous quality standards, backed up by ISO accreditation, Unisun Energy Europe has a proven model of working seamlessly with local construction firms and partners to deliver high quality build out of projects large and small in multiple countries simultaneously.

  • Technical planning
  • Land preparation
  • Electrotechnical work
  • Project management
  • Materials, storage and safety
  • Project inspection and reporting
  • Operational connection
  • Mains connection

Professional field services are essential for the effective maintenance of a solar power plant. UPER Energy B.V, a wholly owned subsidiary delivers state-of-the -art operation and maintenance services for over xx MW’s or PV solar projects in y countries today. Its service technicians are fully trained on overall maintenance, system commissioning and efficient troubleshooting, guaranteeing up to 99% availability of the plant.

24/7 Monitoring

24/7 real-time monitoring, alarm management and reporting of all actions carried out from the control centre of Uper Energy in Rotterdam. Online access to a customer portal where all important performance indicators are available to the owners or stakeholders on the monitoring platform. Quick access to the performance of the PV systems from anywhere in real-time with the monitoring app. Standardized reporting with in-depth analyses that show the system efficiency and availability.

Corrective and Predictive Maintenance

Uper Energy analyses all alarms from the monitoring system and responds immediately with a site visit or a remote intervention. O&M service technicians go on-site to repair or replace defective parts and to resolve malfunctions within the agreed intervention time. At least one a year UPER technicians carry out inspections on all components of the PV installation so that it continues to perform at its maximum.

Performance Guarantee

UPER Energy providers performance guarantees tailored for our clients, including Performance Ratio and Energy Production that underpins our quality of service.

Cleaning and Site Maintenance Services

Cleaning of the solar panels with Osmosis Water according to the maintenance instructions. Otherwise, pollution costs energy production. Periodically cutting the grass and other vegetation at the site.