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Unisun Energy BV begins installing 12 MW Abdisschenbosch solar park

By November 17, 2020April 14th, 2022No Comments

Unisun Energy BV has started the installation of the Abdisschenbosch solar park on the former landfill site Het Kreupelbusch in Landgraaf. Unisun Energy BV is collaborating with Bodemzorg Limburg on the project.


The former landfill site of 40 hectares is currently used as a walking area. Simultaneously with the realization of the solar park, an ecoduct is being built over part of this location by the province of Limburg, creating a connection between the Brunsummerheide and the Teverenerheide.


7.5 hectares of solar panels

Together with the municipality and representatives of local residents a landscape plan was drawn up, incorporating several measures to enhance the value of the area’s nature. The solar park has a surface area of 12.5 hectares, of which 7.5 hectares are used for the solar panels. The remaining 5 hectares will be reserved for nature development and for maintenance.



The construction of the solar park, which will be realized with a subsidy from a sustainable energy production Incentive Scheme, will last until the beginning of April 2021. Unisun Energy proved to be the best party for the construction of the solar park, after a tender from Bodemzorg Limburg. Bodemzorg Limburg has already started using 30.000 solar panels last month, at the former landfill site Belvédère in Maastricht.