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Wattkraft Benelux and Huawei Solar are building solar farms across Europe with Unisun Energy. During a “signing ceremony” at Solar Solutions, the strategic partnership was reaffirmed. 

In the coming years, Unisun Energy, together with Huawei and Wattkraft, will build dozens of solar parks in Europe.

Security of supply
André Kempenaars, chief executive officer of Unisun, commented, “The strategic cooperation gives us a certain security of supply and allows us to standardize the solar parks to a large extent according to one and the same concept. It is also important that we can rely on a good underlying service organization in the form of Wattkraft, and on a manufacturer that is listening in. Our experience with Huawei Solar is that in product development they listen very carefully to experiences and feedback from the market.’

In addition to the Netherlands, Unisun is currently developing solar parks in Spain, Italy and Norway. ‘These parks are all coordinated and monitored from the Netherlands,’ Kempenaars said.

Complete offer
‘We have a complete offering for solar parks that excels in safety and extremely high availability,’ says Webster Yan, General Manager Western Europe at Huawei Solar. ‘Indeed, the annual failure rate is below a 0.5 percent and has been independently verified by the TÜV institute. That means an inverter availability of up to 99.996 percent. And with that we score considerably better than the average failure rate of 3 to 4 percent. The high reliability is also due to our one-fits-all optimizers, suitable for virtually any solar module. The optimizer is also flexible in its application; the PV system can be equipped completely, partially or without optimizers.

Energy storage systems
Unisun, together with Wattkraft and Huawei, is also busy implementing batteries with a storage capacity of 200 kilowatt hours to 2 megawatt hours for, among other things, barn roofs and solar parks. Kempenaars: ‘It is a suitable solution for locations where the grid connection cannot be enlarged due to the full power grid. Peaks in solar energy production are then absorbed with a battery container and at a later time the power can still be fed back into the same connection.’
Dominique Leuwol of Wattkraft adds, “As we know, we offer the full portfolio; a total solution. Complete smart controllable systems. Generating, storing and deploying power where it is needed at a given time. From home batteries to large-scale energy storage systems, such as the battery container for the business pv market.’


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